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    Welcome to Poultry Village!


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    Welcome to Poultry Village!

    Post by Admin on Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:31 pm

    Welcome to Poultry Village, everyone! This forum is for anyone who has parrots, peacocks, chickens, guineas, ducks, parakeets, geese, and really any type of bird out there. This can also be a great place for dog owners, cat owners, and even lizard owners, so really anyone can join. I hope you have fun being a part of this community!

    Here are the main rules I'd like you to follow to make this site kid friendly and nice:

    *No cussing unless covered with *'s. Only one letter may be uncovered.
    *No inappropriate behavior
    *Don't be rude
    *No fighting
    *Be nice and considerate
    *Respect others
    *Treat others the way you'd want to be treated
    *No inappropriate images nor videos
    *Don't post an image/video and say it's yours when it is in fact not yours.

    Thank you for joining this website and I hope you all have fun.

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